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TR – Tecnicas Reunidas


Business Activities:

TR is an international general contractor, engaged in engineering, design and construction of industrial facilities for a broad spectrum of customers throughout the world, including many of the principal national oil companies and several multinational companies. Most of TR’s business is concentrated on large turnkey industrial projects, although also provides engineering, management, start-up and operating services for industrial plants. TR has a total of 7,000 ca. employees and in 2012 achieved a turnover of 2,650 million €.

TR’s Division of Proprietary Technology Development (PTDD) undertakes for its clients industrial plants based on in-house developed technologies and processes. These technologies are focused on non-ferrous metals recovers, biomass refineries and waste treatment. With its industrial experience in solvent extraction TR ranks among the global benchmarks in this field and is a leader in zinc.

TR has extensive experience in FP7 projects and has the capacity to perform both RTD activities and DEMO activities thanks to the laboratories and pilot scale facilities located at its Technology Centre. At present, the main areas of research of TR are:

  1. Metallurgy and Hydrometallurgy: Processing of mining ores and concentrates, Waste mining and metallurgy;
  2. Electrochemical and Chemical Processes;
  3. Recycling and Treatment of urban and industrial effluents;
  4. Energy Production and Storage;
  5. Materials and Nanomaterials;
  6. Biopolymers.

Regarding the fields or research covered in EcoLASTANE, TR has participated in multiple research projects, funded under Spanish national R&D programmes, involving the optimisation of industrial processes regarding the degradation of biomass into monomers such as furfural. Moreover, TR´s fully equipped analysis laboratory has been able to improve, through continuous and precise adjustments, the performance of several analysis techniques based on the characterisation norms TAPPI and NREL, for different bio-samples of lignocelluloses biomass, and on HPLC techniques, for the characterisation of different monomers obtained from the degradation of biomass such as furfural, HMF and levulinic acid.


Role in the project: TR was selected by AMIQ for the role of developing our EcoLASTANE technology for bio-based monomers, particularly the development of our Furfural production method. Led by Dr Vicente López, TR will collaborate in technical WPs 1 to 5 and will collaborate with our Technical & Risk Manager. More specifically, the activities of TR will be: