Technical Textiles Rhône-Alpes (TECHTERA)


Business Activities: Established in 2005, Techtera is the most prominent cluster for the technical textile industry in the Rhône-Alpes region, leader in France with 23% of employees, 65% of the French production, 18% of the European production and 70% of turnover of France’s technical textile industry. Since its creation, Techtera has recruited about 220 members, for a total of more than 350 business and production units specialized in technical textiles. Its strength comes from the dynamism and innovative potential of its members and from a competent network of 119 members in 2013 among which 78% of SMEs.

In 2012, 22 new collaborative R&D projects had been supported by Techtera and more than 300 companies (including about 150 SMEs), laboratories or training structure benefited from our support since 2005.

Some of these collaborative projects directly result from the Innovation-Workshops organized by Techtera and that 250 participants attended since 2005.

Techtera ranks in the top tier of the 20 French cluster rated and gets “very effective” for the action taken between 2008 and 2011, from an assessment made in 2011 by the French government. TECHTERA raises strategic questions addressing major technical and economical issues of the technical textile industry. The cluster assists collaborative research proposals resulting from this questioning process, up to trial phase and products prototyping. TECHTERA connects manufacturers, technical centers and research centers with the purpose to revitalize the links between companies from the textile sector and to offer an access to new markets, especially abroad through European projects and internationalization. The TECHTERA team uses an important network of skills, competences and persons, outside of its sector.


Role in the project: TECHTERA is the Dissemination Manager of EcoLASTANE representing the involvement of the textile industry in the Rhône-Alpes region, leader in France with more than 140 businesses that represent 70% of turnover of France’s Textile and Clothing industry.