INSP – Tecnologías Avanzadas Inspiralia


Business activities: Inspiralia is a unique private initiative involved in Research, Development and Innovation services to companies. It offers its clients a complete cradle to grave service from product or process conceptual design to the commercial exploitation of the market-oriented developed new technology. It provides technical support to industrial companies, offering them R&D services increasing the competitiveness of their product offering. For Inspiralia, it is clear that we could not continue improving every day without the collaboration of other industrial and research partners. Cooperation is the basis of success. This is the reason why Inspiralia is participating in more than 30 research projects at European level that have allowed them to create strategic alliances and find always the best partners in research.

Inspiralia has over 50 full time innovation consultants, researchers and technicians. Our headquarters are located in North of Spain (La Rioja) together with technical and commercial facilities in Madrid. At Inspiralia we believe that only by being at the forefront of science is possible to offer the best solutions in our five areas of Technical expertise: Advanced Materials, Computational Engineering, Electronics and Communications, Industrial Control and Intelligent Systems. Inspiralia research groups offer these technological services to be applied in our target industrial sectors:


Role in the project: INSPIRALIA, selected by TECHTERA, will be the RTD applying their expertise on the area of polymer chemistry, formulation and mechanical analysis to lead all tasks dealing with the synthesis of EcoLASTANE textile fibres. Inspiralia is also the Technical & Risk Manager of EcoLASTANE by means of Mr. Daniel de la Puente. He will lead a team of researchers with sound experience on the development of new bio-based polymers for the textile industry.