C.E.R.T.H. – Centre For Research And Technology Hellas




Business Activities: The Centre for Research and Technology Hellas (C.E.R.T.H.), the largest research centre in Northern Greece, was founded in 2000 with the mission of carrying out fundamental and applied research with emphasis on development of novel products and services of industrial, economic and social importance in fields like Chemical Processes and Advanced Functional Materials (Chemical Process Engineering Institute – CPERI) and Enviromental Friendly Technologies for Solid Fuels and Alternative Energy Sources (Institute for Solid Fuel Technologies & Applications – ISFTA). CERTH/CPERI’s Laboratory of Environmental Fuels and Hydrocarbons (LEFH) involves 51 people (10 Ph.D. researchers, 7 Chemical Engineers, 3 Chemists, 5 graduate students and 26 technical support personnel) with extensive expertise in biomass conversion proceses like pyrolysis, catalytic pyrolysis, hydrothermal conversion, bioalcohols production, catalytic upgrading of biofuels (hydroprocessing, catalytic processing etc), chemicals separation, biochar production and activation etc. It counts with of pilot and bench scale units and a fully equiped analytical laboratory for advanced characterization of biofuels (GC-MS, 2DGC-TOFMS, etc). LEFH has proven experience in (Renew 6th FP, ACENET ERA-NET, OPTFUELS 7th, DIBANET 7th, AFORE 7th etc). C.E.R.T.H/ISFTA employs 31 people among which 6 persons hold a PhD and 9 more hold an MSc, including chemical and mechanical engineers, geologists, chemists, and environmentalists. CRETH/ISFTA participates in several advisory councils of the EU, in European Technology Platforms (ETP ZEPP), in peered international networks and committees (CAG, CSLF, CO2 NET, IEA, etc), and has established long-term co-operation relationships with more than 40 organisations in more than 20 countries. ISFTA’s Scientific Board comprises of distinguised members of Greek university faculties.


Role in the project: C.E.R.T.H was chosen by CZBIOM for the key role of developing an industrially feasible technology for preparing HMF as one of EcoLASTANE bio-based monomers.



ISFTA: http://www.lignite.gr/en/
CPERI: http://www.certh.gr/288C115B.el.aspx