Asociación Murciana De Industrias Químicas (AMIQ)


Business Activities: AMIQ (Asociación Murciana de Industrias Químicas) was stablished in 1999 to represent and defend the interest of de the chemical industry in the Region of Murcia (Spain).

AMIQ comprises the chemical industries of the Region of Murcia. AMIQ-associated industries moved in 2010 a volume of €10,000 million and generated an added value worth €363 million, with a 30% global growth rate since 2000 and 7,500 workers. AMIQ’s members represent a highly atomised and add up to large business network counting with a high percentage of Chemical SMEs, amounting thousands of high scientific and technological level products, installations and professionals. AMIQ is integrated in FEIQUE (Federation of the chemical industry in Spain) and CEFIC (European Chemical Industry Council). AMIQ represents over 350 companies engaged in the following activities:


Since its establishment, AMIQ develops the following functions:


Role in the project: AMIQ is the Coordinator of EcoLASTANE, representing the involvement of the largest the largest Chemicals sector in Spain, with almost 100 SMEs. The role of AMIQ in the project is: