AMIQ has 4 employees and was stablished in 1999 as an association to represent the largest Chemicals sector in Spain counting with 97 SME members. AMIQ-associated industries moved in 2010 a volume of €10,000 million and generated an added value worth €363 million, with a 30% global growth rate since 2000 and 7,500 workers.

The primary role of AMIQ will mainly be the Coordination of the project by means of Mr Caparrós, ensuring the correct development of all activities described in the Consortium Management WP6 and section 2.1.1.


Technical Textiles Rhône-Alpes – TECHTERA

TECHTERA has 4 employees and was established in 2005 as the most prominent cluster for the technical textile industry in the Rhône-Alpes region, leader in France with 20% of businesses, 25% of employees, 65% of production and 70% of turnover of France’s T/C industry. Techtera Rhône-Alpes has more than 140 businesses and production units specialised in technical textile. Since its creation in 2005, TECHTERA has recruited more than 200 members.

As the Dissemination Manager (see section 2.1.1 for Dissemination Manager responsibilities and 3.2.2 for Dissemination plan) by means of Dr Bruno Mougin, its primary role will be the crucial dissemination of results 4 to 6 (EcoLASTANE bio-based fibers) among its associates, to backup AMIQ (ES) and CZBIOM (CZ), as the specialist Dissemination Manager, in dissemination of results 1 to 3 among their associates and to updates with the progress of the project among its associates during the project.


Czech Biomass Association – CZ Biom

CZ Biom – Czech Biomass Association was established in 1994 and it employs ten experts and currently represents roughly 160 companies and other members. The Czech Biomass Association (CZ Biom) is a non-governmental non-profit organization and professional association supporting the development of phytoenergy in the Czech Republic. CZ Biom is the Czech Republic’s biggest professional organisation engaged in biomass production and use.

As the Exploitation Manager by means of Dr. Petr Tluka, CZ Biom’s primary role will be the use of results (IPR holding, patent filling, and all necessary activities) envisaged in tasks 6.1 to 6.3 if the Use and Dissemination WP6. CZ Biom will produce the Plan of Use and Dissemination. CZ Biom will contribute to the dissemination of results 1 to 3 among its associates and to updates with the progress of the project among its associates during the project.



NUTRAFUR S.A., former FURFURAL ESPAÑOL S.A. was established in 1958 as a family company devoted to the production and commercialisation of furfural. Today it has 65 employees. By acid hydrolysis under the right pressure and temperature conditions, its main activity was to synthesize furfural from the hemicellulose fraction of almond shells. The first production plant was settled in Alcantarilla (Murcia, Spain), and a second industrial plant was launched in Caniles (Granada, Spain), amounting to a total of 4,000 TN/year of furfural.

Due to its 50-year experience in furfural production, NUTRAFUR’s role in the project will primarily be to participate and validate at industrial scale the novel technology developed for converting vegetal matter to furfural and HMF in technical WPs 1 to 5 by closely working with the RTDs TR(ES) and CERT(EL).



RAIDLIGHT is a brand of sports products, created from scratch in 1999 and counting today with 20 employees. We design, manufacture and market clothing, bags back, and sticks for running and hiking. We support our innovation on the pole Sporaltec competitiveness, including our plan is a pilot project. In nine years, we have created 13 jobs, making a turnover of €1.5 million. We have an annual growth of 35%, and we therefore expect to hire five people within the next two years, carrying 25% of our export sales.

RAIDLIGHT will be our SME end-user in charge of validating the use of new textile fibres in real products It will use the elastane and polyester fibres provided by MEYER to produce woven textiles that can be used by any of the possible final user within the T/C industry. Strong dissemination.


Tecnicas Reunidas – TR

Técnicas Reunidas Research through its Development Division located in Madrid, Spain, is actively involved in research activities which range from the design and development of state of the art tailored industrial solutions to collaborative R&D projects funded under EU Framework or Spanish national research programmes (BIOSOS, CENIT programme). It is a company with 1300 employees established in 1972.

TR was selected by AMIQ for the role of developing our EcoLASTANE technology for bio-based monomers, particularly the development of our Furfural production method. TR will collaborate in technical WPs 1 to 5.


The Centre For Research And Technology, Hellas – CERTH

The Centre for Research and Technology Hellas (C.E.R.T.H.), the largest research centre in Northern Greece, was founded in 2000 with the mission of carrying out fundamental and applied research with emphasis on development of novel products and services of industrial, economic and social importance in fields like Chemical Processes and Advanced Functional Materials (Chemical Process Engineering Institute – CPERI) and Enviromental Friendly Technologies for Solid Fuels and Alternative Energy Sources (Institute for Solid Fuel Technologies & Applications – ISFTA).

CERTH was chosen by CZ Biom for the key role of developing an industrially feasible technology for preparing HMF as one of EcoLASTANE bio-based monomers.


Tecnologías Avanzadas Inspiralia SL – INSP

INSP is the main Research branch in South Europe of an international innovation network, a non-profit organization committed to develop new products and technologies for their industrial clients to improve their growth and sustainability, with offices in Madrid, La Rioja and Paris. Its 60-years continued effort in research and innovation to create singular technologies and products for a broad range of industrial sectors, especially in materials science, has enabled INSP to offer industrial client’s access to more than 500 experienced scientists and engineers since 1940.

INSP, selected by TECHTERA, will be applying their expertise on the area of material chemistry, polymer science, formulation and mechanical analysis to lead all tasks dealing with the synthesis of EcoLASTANE elastane and polyester textile fibres.


Corderie Meyer-Sansboeuf – MEYER

Corderie Meyer-Sansboeuf stands in Guebwiller, North-East of France. Its area is historically strongly linked to the textile industry and is today a reference in modern textile skills. Its culture and experience have succeeded in combining an ancestral know-how with avant-garde technologies. As leader in its field, Corderie Meyer-Sansboeuf offers a complete range of products extending from massproduced to custom-made.

MEYER will primarily assume the vital role of validating EcoLASTANE fibres (70% bio-based and identical-to-petrochemical elastane, as well as new bio-based elastane and polyester fibres) by leading Task 5.3 of WP5 on Fibre Validation by closely working with INSP and RAIDLIGHT. MEYER will treat and test the plastic polymers delivered by INSP and will also test the real performance of the fibres for textiles uses.