Results of EcoLASTANE project presented at the 21nd European Biomass Conference by CERTH | July, 2014

The 22nd European Biomass Conference and Exhibition 2014 was held in the Congress Center Hamburg from s conference offered plenary sessions every day as well as parallel special sessions both early in the morning and in the afternoon grouped into the following topics: Biomass resources, Biomass conversion technologies for energetic use, Biomass conversion technologies for material use and Biomass policy. The EU BC&E is conference with great scientific tradition which now extends from biomass itself, to conversion processes for biofuels, bioenergy and biorefineries and to industrial applications and impacts on the environment. They key focus of the 22nd EU BC&E was the interaction between research, industry and policy makers.

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During the 22nd The EU BC&E results from EcoLASTANE project were presented by CERTH in a visual presentation by Konstantinos ATHANASIOU on Tuesday June 24th. The presentation was entitled “Biomass For Chemicals: An Assessment Of European Biomass Resources For Furfural And Hydroxymethyl Furfural Production”  and was the result of the joint work in WP1 of CERTH, Técnicas Reunidas and Inspiralia, also co-authors of the work.

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According to the overall assessment done in EcoLASTANE project on the European biomass resources, stemwoods were ranked more suitable for Furfural and HMF production, due to their high cellulosic/hemicellulosic content, and they can be excessively and uniformly (around the year) available from various sources, some of which (sawmill residues, sawdust, post-consumer wood) at very low cost.