New process developed by Tecnicas Reunidas for the production of pentoses from biomass in EcoLASTANE project | August, 2013

Technology Center of Tecnicas Reunidas through Work Package 2 of EcoLASTANE project, has developed an efficient hydrolysis process of hemicellulose from different types of lignocellulosic biomass like almond shells, pine sawdust and miscanthus.

2013-11-04_190828A suitable combination of pH, temperature and reaction time in soft conditions has allowed obtaining liquid samples in high yields of pentoses preventing the subsequent conversion to furfural. On the other hand, this process produces an isolated solid fraction rich in cellulose and lignin that is suitable for the subsequent production of HMF and the recovery of energy. The process developed by Tecnicas Reunidas is shown in the three pictures above (from left to right) the feedstock (almond shells), the cllection of the pulp after the novel hydrolysis process; and the filtration step where liquid sample rich in pentoses (yellow liquid) and the solid fraction filled with cellulose (brown solid) are obtained.

 Written by Vicente López from Técnicas Reunidas